New Office (365.11 Outtake), originally uploaded by kpwerker.

Here I was yesterday, earplug-like earphones piping my shuffled iPod contents into my head while I got real, wonderful work done.

For many, many months I have considered finding a place outside of my house to work. I’ve found it increasingly difficult to relax at home and to tease apart domestic work from work work from play. This latest and most severe bout of inertia I’ve had finally prompted me to take action.

As of yesterday, I rent a desk in a shared office on Granville Island. It’s an easy bus ride from home, which is part of the allure. I love riding the bus, and a short commute on either end of my day is a much-appreciated transition between home and work, and vice versa. My new officemates seem fun and friendly, and interacting with people should also help me to feel productive and energetic during the workday. Watching tourists out the window is fun, as is seeing the underbelly of the Granville Street bridge. The only immediately apparent downside is the pan flutist.

I’ll work from home for part of the day today, as I need my stacks of color cards and I don’t want or need to take those into the office. And then I’ll pack up my laptop and head over. I have a good feeling about this new arrangement. Phew.

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