365.10 (After the Cold, Rainy Camping Day), originally uploaded by kpwerker.

I always forget something when I pack hastily to go camping for the weekend. I know you do, too. This weekend I forgot a toque. Yeah, it’s summer, but this is British Columbia. It was supposed to be a rainy weekend (and it was), and that means chilly nights. And I like to sleep in a toque or a hood when I camp—keeps me nice and toasty. So I slept in my hoodie on Friday night, and got said hoodie drenched in the rain on Saturday. And I couldn’t let go of having forgotten a toque, so we drove into to town to find one. And the only ones left that had any wool in them at all (it was raining! I needed some wool) were these. Given what I do for a living, note the significance when I say that’s the biggest pompom I’ve ever seen on a hat. And my head was warm when I slept. And it was good.

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