This week I’m going to write my roundup in less than twenty minutes. Ready? Go.

  • I was unable to fully combat the vacuum this week. I was surprised by this. And not just a bit twitchy over it. Close to freaking out, actually. But one, single, good thing has come from it. It’s put me over the edge on an issue I’ve contemplated for many months: I’ve gone and rented myself a desk in a shared office on Granville Island. So come Monday, I’ll be out of the house. Surrounded by loud tourists, but out of the house. I really, really need to get out of the house. So I’m excited. And a little freaked out. But mostly excited.
  • I’m heartbroken because I’m principled. I will not be buying an iPhone next Friday, as I already mentioned. I just don’t feel right about locking myself into a bad contract for three years. Also, I feel very strongly about voting with my dollars. Or withholding my dollars, as the case may be. The phone will still be around after the 11th, and we’ll see if my gut feeling changes.
  • I really, desperately, want an iPhone.
  • I don’t know what to do for my birthday next week. Fun but low-key. Hm. I’ll be 32!
  • This is how distracted I’ve been:
  • I’ve also been concerned about this, but first thing Monday morning I’ll have all the documents to send out for it.
  • MAN, I’m looking forward to getting away this weekend. We’re going camping with a bunch of friends. It might rain. I’m bringing knitting and a couple of books and a bathing suit. And I’m most certainly going to avoid things like long hikes and ultimate frisbee, in favour of sitting on my bum and relaxing. I mean, I like hikes, but I just want to sit and relax. For the record, I hate team sports.
  • A fun moment this week:
  • I’m really enjoying the 365 self-portraits challenge. But it’s given me even more reason to contemplate myself this week, which I really could have done without. Still. It’s a fun creative project.
  • OK, kids. My next weekly roundup will be of a less whining sort! It will be about more interesting things than my own silly woes! It will have more entertaining links! And I’ll be 32. Probably. Unless I write the next roundup before next Wednesday.
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