We know I’ve wanted an iPhone heartily. I’ve blogged about it, Twittered about it, talked about it, dreamed about it. We know it’s coming to Canada two days after my birthday. What we didn’t know until last week was how Rogers (the only company in Canada that supports the network the iPhone uses) was going to price its plans. In short, the plans are fairly appalling (even more so in light of AT&T announcing they’ll offer the phones in the U.S. for a higher price without a contract).

I’m severely bugged by this. On one hand, the plans are outrageous and Rogers’ insistence that they designed the plans with their consumers’ needs in mind is a patronizing load of crap. I wrote to Rogers to complain last week, and received a response this morning that included this paragraph (the emphasis is mine):

“Please be aware that the plans unveiled were designed specifically for the iPhone. At this time, all pricing and plans that will be available for the iPhone have yet to be finalized.”

I can only hope that in the next ten days, Rogers will finalize some plans that include the following: An unlimited data option, an option for new customers that allows them to add unlimited data onto a voice plan of their choosing (as is now being offered to existing customers, if I read reports correctly), a voice plan that includes long distance (especially long distance to the U.S., which might be required by business users, and by me so I can phone my parents when I’m out and about), call display included in all plans ($7/month extra, seriously?), and an option for one- or two-year contracts. Actually, they should follow AT&T’s lead and offer the phone at full, unsubsidized price with no minimum contract. I’d happily pay full price for the phone if it meant I wouldn’t be screwed up, down and all around by my service provider.

So. Help me out with some friendly advice, eh? Should I put off getting the phone until Rogers comes around? Should I put off getting the phone as part of a collective effort to help convince Rogers to come around? Should I just get the phone because I want it so bad (as one old friend reminded me, we do have universal health care, after all)? Should I just get the phone because it would be unrealistic to think Rogers would ever come around?

ETA (2 July): I nearly forgot another factor. Part of Rogers’ plans is free wifi at all Rogers/Fido hotspots. Which is cool, from what I understand, if you live in Rogers-dominated eastern Canada. But out here in the west, it’s Telus land. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a Rogers hotspot. This is one of the things that lead Canadians to refer to our cell phone situation as monopolized. Grr.

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