This week I suffered from what I’ve come to think of as the WorkFromHome Vacuum. From what I understand, everyone who works from home experiences this from time to time. I used to succumb to it more frequently before I started working on the magazine, and I’ve gotten better at both avoiding it altogether and at cutting it short should I fail to avoid it. But this week I was hit hard.

WorkFromHome Vacuum involves the utter failure to to be productive in any useful way. One of the reasons I stopped experiencing it when I started with the magazine is the sheer amount of work I have to do. Also, I usually need to be in touch with a lot of people. That high level of activity keeps the vacuum at bay.

The Vacuum is different from the everyday temptation to be distracted by home-related things. It’s more dramatic than that, and I have much less control over it.

I was unable to combat the vacuum this week, and I’ve learned over the years that there’s little I can do once it’s settled in. I just need to wait it out till it passes, and I’m sure by next week all will be well.

Still. If I owe you an email, please know I’m on it. I’m sort of banking on the vacuum departing by Monday morning. For now, I’m trying my best to enjoy this gorgeous weekend so I’ll be rested up in time to fire all engines come the workweek.

What challenges do you occasionally face in your work life?

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