Press week, this was. With each press week, I discover how much I didn’t know the last time around. There is a lot that goes into a magazine, people. I don’t know if I’ll ever learn it all. I hope that for the next issue, all the folks in production will have everything they need way earlier. I’m finally starting to understand what all goes on in production, and yow, the production people rock. Also because we severely tweaked the look of the magazine for summer, and I think it’s magnificent.

So. The roundup this week pretty much = summer press.

Here’s what I see from the bus to the airport from Loveland. Sweet.

I spent yesterday in a daze of recovery, which involved comfort food, a nap, and some Buffy.

This morning I woke up at 6:30 to bright golden sunlight, made coffee, and sat with yarn for two hours.

Then we did what we planned to do, which is always so satisfying—we put in the garden. And since we’re us and we like the putting in part and the harvest part and not the taking down part, that means we spent many hours digging and weeding and raking and shoveling. And about twenty minutes shopping for veggies and soil. Good thing Cleo was there to help.

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