Crochet Me Wins PubWest Book Design AwardCongratulations to Karla Baker and all those involved in designing Crochet Me for winning Bronze in the How-to Book/Crafts category of the 2008 PubWest Book Design Awards! Karla’s books (Felt Forward and Knitting Little Luxuries [both also from Interweave Press]) won gold and silver, respectively, too.

As consumers, we all know how dramatically we can be swayed by the way a book looks—its cover and also its pages. After working on the plain text manuscript of Crochet Me for months and months, I cried when I saw the first proofs of the designed book. My editor, Tricia, and Karla perfectly captured visually everything I worked so hard for my words to convey. I’m so glad they’re getting official recognition for their efforts.

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  1. eSSKnits Avatar

    Heartiest Congratulations !!!

  2. eSSKnits Avatar

    Heartiest Congratulations !!!

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