My PowerBook is in the infirmary. It has a mild beeping disorder. I’m on pins and needles awaiting the diagnosis. I’m fairly certain it got sick because just this morning I uttered this: “You know, I’ve never had a laptop for this long without feeling like it’s starting to fail me. If it breaks, I won’t even be excited to create an excuse to buy a new one. I’ll fix it. I’m, like, totally committed to it.”

I’m sitting at the dining room table working on the man’s ancient Dell Latitude PC, running Windows 2000. In the first five minutes, I have missed the following about my Mac:

  1. Hot corners
  2. Spotlight
  3. Mail

I’m waiting now while Adobe Reader installs so I can get back to magazine work. Did I mention we go to press in two weeks? Bad timing, Murphy’s Law. Bad timing.

UPDATE: In the half-hour since I posted this, I’ve had to restart the computer three times: twice for upgrading Internet Explorer as demanded by Adobe Reader, and then for Adobe Reader. Why, why do people choose to use Windows? And beyond that, why has no one listened to the people at Microsoft who have no doubt insisted they need to ditch their entrenched ways and start from scratch to make software that is actually worth using? Are those people fired? Or do they just sit there all frustrated, plugging away on resource-sucking, time-sucking programs that don’t make life any easier or more pleasurable at all?

And now I have ranted to the internets, and I can go back to work. Finally.

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