In less than two weeks we’ll begin taping for Knitting Daily TV, and I’m definitely feeling in the homestretch. I’ve been dreaming of outfits. And I’m really excited to see so many talented fiber people.

And I’ve been thinking about hands. My hands are a part of my body I’ve always really liked. You know those women who are always fit and thin no matter what they eat and even though they rarely exercise? Yeah, my hands are like that. (Only my hands, of course.) My nails are strong and everything. And this is despite not moisturizing regularly, only occasionally pushing back my cuticles, and being a fairly accomplished clutz.

So my figuring about a full week of television taping that will involve a fair bit of hand close-ups is that I’ll remember to moisturize and will paint my nails with clear polish. Of course, it’s being encouraged by our producers that we have a French manicure. They’re so undeniably lovely, you see. I’m doubtful I could manage to have a French manicure persist undamaged for six whole days, but I’m not comfortable letting doubt guide me.

Enter The Great Manicure Test. I got one on Monday in the late afternoon. Here’s how it looked yesterday morning (parfait):

And this morning (parfait still):

Will the manicure persist unchipped? Will I alter my behaviour to keep my fingers safe from hard labour? Stay tuned, gentle readers…

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