Naptime, originally uploaded by kpwerker.

I’m in a pleasant place. We’re gearing up for spring press and I’m not smelling the fear, the sun just came out, I bet when the snow finishes melting the crocuses will be peaking through, and we’re heading to the mountains for the weekend.

My mother phoned me the other night wondering who I am and what I did with her daughter. Seems she’s been reading the Crochet Me blog and is shocked by my run of finished projects. I told her not to get used to it. That said, since I finished my PINK sweater a few days ago, I’ve been plugging away at my two-years-in-progress Forecast [ravelry], and hope to finish this weekend (likely sans buttons, though). I’ve just done the first buttonband. Nothing left but my first go at the backward-loop cast-on for the second -band and then seaming the sleeves.

Lots of ideas swishing around my head lately. More blogging next week. Follow Cleo’s lead this weekend, eh? I plan to.

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