Day 14, originally uploaded by kpwerker.

  • Again, fall is arriving. This photo (Day 14) is of our front step when I got back home from walking Cleo yesterday. The rain had just started.
  • The NY Times has finally ended its obnoxious Times Select. Bring on the free access to Op-Ed!
  • IBM is offering a free office suite. I’ve spent this week watching my frustrated husband wipe his Dell hard drive and reinstall Windows, cursing all the while. When Leopard is released, he’ll get a Mac. I truly heart my Mac. I’m not cult-like about it. I don’t love my Mac because it’s a Mac. I love it because I’ve never had to curse at it. [As an aside, I’ve never used Microsoft products on my Mac, either. I often encounter assumptions about incompatibilities between Mac and PC software and files — those days are over, my friends. Note that I work as an editor; I swap text and spreadsheet documents with PC and Mac users all the time. My open source office suite saves in Word and Excel formats, preserving things like track changes and everything. I encounter no problems at all, and neither do my colleagues. Also, I don’t freaking have to curse at Word all the time like I used to. It’s a beautiful thing. /end rant]
  • Loonie fever! I’m all over it.

ETA: I thought the place needed a new look.

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…and it’s purty.


…and it’s purty.

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