Clapotis, originally uploaded by kpwerker.

I bailed on spending the weekend with friends on Bowen Island in favour of spending intensely quiet time in our empty house. Yesterday, I finished reading Harry Potter (adored it), I napped, I flipped through magazines, I did some laundry, and I knitted for several hours.

During this oddly cool summer, Clapotis has been my mindless project. I’m a couple of repeats from the decrease section, and I’m psyched to see how I’ll feel about it off the needles. I’ll likely block it, though I know many people don’t. My stitches aren’t terribly even, but more than that, the mohair content of this yarn has made dropping the stitches an active endeavour — I’ve had to pretty much pick the stitch down the column, since the mohair sticks and tangles. Also, I did fewer increases than the pattern calls for to accommodate less yardage, and I’ll want to gain as much width as I can through blocking (without sacrificing the coolness of the texture).

I’ve been silent on the subject, but I have been reading more than HP this summer. I went a bit astray of my sci-fi goal, and am currently totally sucked into the first volume of Sandman comics. A guy on my floor my freshman year in college was a huge fan; until recently that’s all I knew about them. Now I’m in heart, and I am having even more fun spending my early 30s emulating the teenage boy I never was.

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