I hit the wall a few days ago. Since then I’ve been maxed out at about 65%. I’m getting things done, but not quickly and not smoothly. No amount of sleep, food, exercise, caffeine, or sugar affects my performance.  But that doesn’t stop me from trying. Which has lead to this moment, when I’m both chewing Tums and drinking coffee. Insert don’tmesswithme smirk here.

In case you’re ever presented with such an opportunity, I suggest you avoid commitments that bear even a remote possibility of contributing to having five major projects of equal priority all culminating at the same time.

FYI, I didn’t set out to have my workload landscape look like it does. I lined up all the freelance work last summer, since that’s how I was making a living. When the full-time dream job came up, I took it knowing full well this spring would be like hell on Earth.

I did not, however, think that my reproductive system would behave as it did two months ago, thus setting in motion the delays, postponements, and insurmountable pile of catching up that has led to this week of paralyzing workload.

I was needing a vacation back in February. Being doped up and bedridden didn’t count, and I’m now two months beyond my limit for needing a break. This is why I’m at 65%. I know it. And I just have to claw my way through it.

When I’m out the other side, there will be no guilt about the amount of money I’m going to spend to get as far away from my computer as possible.

Cheers to the countless people who have put up with me lately.

And now, back to my antacids, caffeine, and track changes.

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