Tim Hortons Moved In, originally uploaded by kpwerker.

Despite the nagging detail of the quintessential Canadian chain having been bought by an American giant (ETA: then, it would seem, spun off), I was giddy with anticipation for a Timmy Ho’s to open up pretty much around the corner. Not that I love their coffee (though it’s a welcome alternative to the creepy coffee shop that until now had been the closest to our house), and to be honest I had to force down the doughnut for the sake of posterity (I’m not a fan), and also their ad campaign is grating to say the least, but I am excited all the same. I stopped in on my way home from the post office (damn, it’s expensive to send things over the border).

I got proofs of Get Hooked Again today. Watson-Guptill does a bang-up job on art direction and design, I tell ya (and of course Cynthia‘s illustrations are amazing). I have to carve out time to go over the proofs and send them back ASAP.

On the books front, I saw the marketing blad for the Crochet Me book when I was in Colorado last week. Oh, my. It’s gorgeous. Again with the props to the art director and designer. And of course the photo stylist, who did wonderful justice to the garments and everything else. I hope the designers are as happy with how their work was photographed as I am.

And now back to four days of intense work catch-up.

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