What’s to be done with all the leftovers from the ripple-along? Another back-to-basics crochet project: granny squares! Won’t you join in?

The granny square below isn’t made from leftovers. It’s just the only one I had around to photograph. It’s the largest I’ve ever made; I plan to keep my -along squares to less tedious 6″ or 8″ squares.

Pattern: Basic 4-dc granny square
Mods: I had to fudge the last couple of rounds by using 3-dc clusters to correct the edges rippling due to the different weights of the two yarns)
Yarns: Handspun angora I got at Rhinebeck a couple of years ago + Rowan Cashsoft Baby DK
Hook: 4mm bamboo
Finished size: 12″ square

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