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You know you’re creative, but you also know that finding time for creativity in your daily life is hard. There’s no quick-fix answer, but wouldn’t it be great to know more people who really get it? People you don’t have to justify yourself to? People who get that crafting keeps you sane, that writing a novel fifteen minutes at a time is a great choice, that making time for creativity is a real and valid priority? Yup. It really is great. Your people are waiting!

Creative Adventures Await

Vibrant conversation spaces, like old-school forums and blog comment sections – spaces where content and connections weren’t filtered through an algorithm – are getting harder to find. That’s why we’re building our own.

I’m Kim Werker, and I’m like a camp counselor for grownups, bringing creative adventurers together to share highs and lows, cheer each other on, and try new things.

What’s a creative adventurer? It’s anyone who’s determined to make creativity a part of their daily lives. We’re librarians, consultants, editors, accountants, musicians, teachers. We’re crafters, artists, musicians, writers.

Together, we’re building an inclusive, supportive, independent community.

This community is for anyone and everyone who is on a creative journey.

Maybe you’re wanting to try to be more creative in general, but you don’t know how, and you don’t know where to start.

Maybe you’ve been trying to develop a creative habit or regular practice, but you haven’t connected with a local community and you could really use some support, cheerleading, and connection with people who know exactly how you feel.

Maybe you’re an avid crafter or artist and you’re hungry to connect with others who get it.

Through our private forums and our regularly scheduled video chats, we share our knowledge, ask questions, show off our successes and commiserate about the inevitable setbacks and failures that are an intrinsic part of creative exploration.

Come poke around, and learn more about how our members are supporting our community so we can remain independent and fully in control.


The community is free to join and is financially supported by community members who enjoy features like exclusive forums and live video chats.


All are welcome, regardless of age, skin colour, ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality, ability or experience, and intolerance of any kind is not tolerated.


Creative adventures are full of ups and downs. Our members get it. We go out of our way to respect each other, support each other, and show up for each other.

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It’s an amazing group of inspiring and supportive makers and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.

– Molly