Ask Me Anything: A Video Series

Ask me anything! A new video series about creativity and making stuff –


Ask Me Anything is a series of videos in which I answer questions from… you!

Your question can be about anything – a creative block, how to make a particular thing, what to do about something that’s broken, how to deal with a mistake, whatever. Anything. About a craft or an art or something that’s been nagging at you. About how to get started on a very new-to-you kind of project or how to get yourself out of a creative pickle. Seriously. Anything.

Here’s How It Works

Fill in the form below and be specific about your question.

In the video series, I’ll answer questions – sometimes one at a time, sometimes a few at a time. (See some examples below the form!)

I can’t guarantee that your question will be answered in a timely manner, but I’ll do my best to address every question that comes in.

* You aren’t signing up for anything by submitting your question, but I may email you for clarification or to let you know the video answer has been posted.