This weekend was all about digging in at home for some quiet time as we try to exorcise the stress of the last few weeks. I slept in, finished a book I’ve been reading for ages, started a crochet project, and spent the entirety of Saturday afternoon making earrings.

We had a clock we couldn’t fix, see, and instead of just throwing it out we busted it open and dug around for parts. I loved the hands most of all, so grabbed a couple other parts along with them and started fiddling around.

They looked too sparse with only the clock parts, so I started adding chains, and then some not-so-well-conceived spacers between them, and finally a bead. The spacers are just small spirals of wire, and they aren’t perfectly useful because I made them too small and the jump rings attaching some of the clock parts can move over them. Still, they do manage to keep things somewhat spread out on the big rings.

I originally made ear wires for them (see below), but they just didn’t look right, so I switched to a simple post (see above).

These upcycling projects are making me see all sorts of disposable items in a new way. We throw away less, and I love the things I make more. WIN.

Also, have I mentioned recently how much I’m loving making earrings? I mean, these may have taken me a couple of hours to figure out, but I still have such a yarn-focused mindset that I delight in having a finished project in such a small amount of time.

7 responses to “Upcycled Clock Parts ➥ Earrings”

  1. Heather Avatar

    So much fun!! I sat down a couple weekends ago and ended up spending the whole day making necklaces with recycled jewelry parts. Love your earrings, and glad you found joy in making them!

  2. Kim Werker Avatar

    I've been getting better at seizing opportunities to just sit and make
    stuff, instead of putting it off. FUN!

  3. Nola Moore Avatar

    Those are some seriously awesome earrings! Sort of neo-steampunk!

    Am wondering about your thoughts as you've finished reading Invented Languages, especially with your interest in communication. I haven't had the opportunity to read that particular book myself, but recently read an article on gender-neutral pronouns (zhe & the like) and my own interest is piqued!

  4. Kim Werker Avatar

    I highly recommend In the Land of Invented Languages. It's an entertaining
    history of some of the major invented languages and the (often insane, often
    egomaniacal) personalities behind them. If your interest is already piqued,
    I bet this book will either satisfy your interest or get you going reading

  5. Johnny B Avatar
    Johnny B

    Check out Organelle Design:

    I recently profiled them for the Knowledge Network (for the same series I profiled Omer Arbel) and I also recently had the pleasure of hanging a “Hangelier” in my bedroom.

  6. Kelly Avatar

    These are great! I love the hands because they are both technical and decorative at the same time…

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