The best way to reach me is by email. If your question or request is short and sweet, Twitter is outstanding.

If you prefer the tangible and enjoy delayed gratification (I do!), you can reach me by post (but please don’t send me books or products to review without getting in touch first by email; I don’t often do reviews so best not to waste your materials and postage):

Kim Werker
P.O. Box 45536
Westside R.P.O.
Vancouver, BC V6S 2N5

If you’re a publicist and you’d like to send me a press release, please reconsider. In most cases, I find press releases to be utterly useless. If you’d like me to help you promote something and you have good reason to believe it’s a good fit for this blog – which means you’re familiar with this blog and with me – please do get in touch. Read this for more on my thoughts on press releases.

Also, you can find me at the following places on these here internets, roughly in order of how much time I spend there. Perhaps we can become “friends”: