I’m a writer, editor, crafter and speaker. Through Mighty Ugly I help people and groups battle the demons that hold back their creativity so they can have (more) fun making stuff and doing big things. Indeed, I’ve written a book about this, due out in late August 2014. I’m fascinated by creativity, crafts, publishing, and varied topics related to independent business and practice in these realms.

What now?

Mighty Ugly. It’s a creativity exercise. I help people and groups cozy up to the scary things that hold us back. Also, I write (other) books and articles about creativity and crafts. I’m a freelance writer and editor. I love doing things that haven’t really been tried before, and working with people who are game to take the risk with me. At the same time, I love helping people and businesses get better at doing what they already know and love.


In Vancouver, Canada. I do most of my work online and with clients I rarely, if ever, see in person. But I’m also involved with the crafts and maker communities here in Vancouver, and was a founding board member of the Vancouver Maker Foundation.