Summer Holiday in Panorama

This summer has been bananas! My to-do list is so long and varied that I have no idea where to start, so I’m kind of just shooting blindly in all directions, hoping random bits of progress allow me to get things under control.

One huge category of to-dos: blog posts. I have so much to write about! So I’m gonna bootstrap into it by sharing a bunch of panoramic photos I took on our two-week camping trip last month. That’s a start, right?

We started out at French Beach, on Vancouver Island, with a bunch of families we camp with every summer. Then we continued on with two other families to explore the Olympic Peninsula for ten days. It was the perfect combination of exploration, adventure, and relaxation. So very much fun!

Olympic Peninsula road trip

Hobuck Beach sunset panorama

Hobuck Beach

Cape Flattery Panorama

Cape Flattery

Ruby Beach, Washington, panorama

Ruby Beach

Lake Quinault, Washington

Lake Quinault

Hood Canal panorama

Hood Canal, near Dosewallips State Park

Mt. Walker panorama

View from Mt. Walker

Mt. Walker panorama

View from Mt. Walker

Port Townsend panorama

Port Townsend, Washington

Soon I’ll share more about the trip, including the new obsession I developed with learning how to carve spoons!

Werkers on the Road: Dispatch the Third

I’ve tried to write this post for days and days, and bandwidth just didn’t cooperate. Here’s hoping I can get some photos uploaded!

We’re at the start of the final leg of our trip: a day in Salt Lake City on our way to yhe Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, then the westward journey home through Montana, Idaho and Washington.

Since leaving Southern California, we’ve been continually wowed by natural settings, friendly people, fascinating history, and the general things you learn from spending a month on the road.

For now, some photos of where we’ve been:

Joshua Tree National Park:

I’ve been doing a little bit of knitting on the road. Not very much at all, what with the amazing scenery out the car window (and, these days, the heat). It’s a Foolproof Cowl, and I’m enjoying it!

O learned how to ride his two-wheel bike on the long, smooth, wide “runways” of the RV park we stayed at in Williams, AZ. (We vastly prefer the State Park camping experience, but massive RV parks have their place.) 
Yes, we stood on the corner in:

Oh my, the Painted Desert: 

New Mexico, I love you and your amazing skies: 

Monument Valley was a highlight, for sure:

And, of course, Utah, and all its glorious rock splendour.

Arches are cool, but it’s Canyonlands National Park that really gripped us:

Of course, we’re travelling with a strong-willed four-year-old, and sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. Like making myself hot chocolate with my toothbrush.

We’ll get back home in less than two weeks!

Werkers on the Road: Dispatch the Second

I can’t believe we’re already over two weeks into our trip. This past week has been a whirlwind of theme parks and family visits (and also having to replace the brakes on our truck and the door handle on the trailer), and now the whirlwind is over and we’re heading back on the road, camping in our wee trailer for the next few weeks. National Parks, here we come!

duct tape wallet

Before we left San Francisco, my ten- and thirteen-year-old cousins taught us how to make duct tape wallets. I can’t wait to make more!


On our meanderinf drive down the California coast, we loved stopping to see the elephant seals.


This display at Legolamd was thematically appropriate, don’t you think?


I was so excited to take this photo with my Instax camera that i didn’t even think to take a digital one.


We went to Disneyland California Adventure in epic rain. YOWZA.


And we went to Disneyland in gorgeous weather. Phew.


We’ve discovered that Owen is a total thrill-seeker! This is what four rollercoaster rides and three times on Splash Mountain looks like.

I don’t know when I’ll have reliable wifi again, so I have no idea when I’ll be able to post my next dispatch. Follow along on Instagram for quicker updates when I have cell service!