Compulsory Podcast, Episode 6: Joel Watson

Joel Watson is a cartoonist who writes and draws a webcomic called HijiNKS Ensue, which he describes as “a semi-autobiographical comic about a lifelong geek and aspiring artist who turns his back on an unfulfilling but financially stable career in order to pursue art full time and set a better example for his daughter.”

I’ve read Joel’s comic for years, and I interviewed him for my book, Make It Mighty Ugly. It’s something he said during that interview that inspired me to reach out to him again, to talk specifically about his compulsion to make art and tell stories, and how he balances his need to do those things with the needs of the audience he relies on for his livelihood.

(My conversation with Joel went on for about another fifteen minutes beyond what I included in this episode. We talked primarily about stay-at-home working parenting, and I enjoyed the conversation so much that I'm going to I released it as a bonus podcast episode next week.)

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“The project itself brings immense amounts of meaning to our life. It's become the things we do for fun, the creative outlet that we pursue together. But sharing this story with others also gives us a sense that we're contributing to some form of greater good. There's a level of higher purpose there.”

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Compulsory Podcast Episode 5: Isaac Watson

Isaac Watson is a project manager, grand-scale organizer, and maker of things like jewelry and homes. In 2014, he launched Maker’s Nation, a nonprofit educational program and community platform for independent creative entrepreneurs. He's also the production manager for the World Domination Summit, co-producer of Pioneer Nation, and a hired gun that excels at design project management.

From time to time, Isaac writes about various things on his two blogs: Voiced features musings on creative business and productivity (with a few recipes for good measure); and Built is all about building a tiny cabin on a mountain, and various improvement projects he does on his home, where he lives with his partner Justin and their dog Zeus, in Vancouver, WA.

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Compulsory Podcast Episode 4: Miriam Felton

Miriam Felton is a knitwear designer and all-around maker living in Salt Lake City. She has been self-publishing since 2004 and now teaches and designs full time.

In 2013, she committed to what she called a Year of Making – every day that year, she documented something she made by sharing a photo of it online, with the hashtag #yearofmaking. To get herself going, she further committed to make all of her new clothing that year.

Miriam continued into a second year of making in 2014, without the clothing constraint, and on a whim last January 1st, I decided to do it, too. Many others have joined in over the course of the year, but I had never managed to talk to Miriam about this project. Until now.

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Compulsory Podcast Episode 3: Meighan O’Toole

Meighan O’Toole is a digital media strategist who is passionate about connecting people to objects, art, and ideas that better their personal or professional lives, and she derives great meaning in her own life from fostering those connections. In today's episode, we talk about Meighan's compulsion to share, and about the connections, conversations and relationships that result from sharing.

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Compulsory Podcast Episode 2: Abby Glassenberg

Soft-toy designer Abby Glassenberg runs a successful online pattern shop and blogs regularly about the business of craft. In today's show, we discuss the siren song of immediacy and impulsiveness, the focus of identifying a very narrow niche interest, and the value of practice. Plus: the tension between imperfection and perfection, and between serving yourself and serving others. Also: cooking!

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