My Trip to New York, in Photos

As promised, the non-Maker Faire part of my trip. Oh, New York, how I love you.

World Maker Faire New York, in Photos

So I went to New York for the 2012 World Maker Faire. No big deal.

Rather than try to use words to tell the tale, here are some photos.

Ok, wait. I’m a words junkie, so here are just a few:

  • Haley Pierson-Cox is my new favourite person, and I went from never having met her in person before to spending, like, a total of twelve hours in her company and never wanting to leave it.
  • I had lunch with my agent, who is even more awesome than I already knew her to be from the internets and the telephone. (It’s a very cool thing to be able to say, to have had lunch with one’s agent, so I’m just saying it, ok?)
  • I ate my weight in carbohydrates, consisting almost exclusively of bagels, pizza and pasta.
  • Ok, that’s all for now. I’ll do another photo round-up of non-Maker-Faire adventures soon.
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On a Sunny Spring Day

Afternoon at the river

Mother's day picnic with Greg's parents at the Fraser River, followed by much exploring of boardwalk, beach and grass.

Fraser RiverCleo by the river

1, 2, 3, swing!

1, 2, 3, swing!


Spotted at a yard sale as we drove by. Circled around the block and bought it for $10.

Owen on trike

Got the boy a helmet, and he went for his first trike ride (push)!

Nom nom nom

Played with neighbours for a while, till a peanut butter & jelly sandwich an hour before dinner was an absolute necessity.

Virtual Planetoid Hat: A New Pattern!

Virtual Planetoid Hat

I don’t much like designing craft patterns. My passion for craft manifests more as a desire to curate, to pontificate, to advocate. I usually either follow other people’s patterns or just wing it.

Virtual Planetoid HatI decide a couple of weeks ago to do an experiment, though. The weather was getting colder, and I realized Owen’s going to need a bunch of hats. A few hours later, I’d made him one, and the experiment is that I decided to size it and write up the pattern – would it take me an unreasonable amount of time? Would I recoup the cost of my time?

We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

For now, allow me to introduce to you the Virtual Planetoid Hat, inspired by my kid and his huge noggin. It’s like Sputnik.

It’s worked in worsted weight yarn in the round from the top down in extended half double crochet, with the ear flaps added after and worked in rows. Sized for baby, toddler and child, it’s quite possible you could keep your kid’s head warm for years – it’s a unisex design, too, so all your kids’ heads can be warm. (Owen’s wearing the child size here. Huge. Noggin.)

You’ll need 70-120 yards of worsted weight yarn, a 6.0mm hook, and a button.

Because I love you guys, here’s a code for a buck off. It’s good till the end of the month, so tell your friends, hey? Just enter FFlove11 during checkout.



Work-parenting balance is unbalanced! Babysitter’s on holiday this week! So today, blogging = short storytelling in pictures.

Teething baby is teething. Poor congested, uncomfortable schmoo.

Owen is teething, poor guy. Happy ending: He's got one tooth! Tragic ending: He's got another on the way. It's HARD to be seven months old.

Looks like it's finally going to be a summer day. Owen's going to wear a bathing suit!

Last week we went camping right near here. Owen started teething before we left, stopped when we got there, and started again four hours after we returned home. We all appreciate this, and are further convinced he's the most awesome kid in the world. Also, camping was a blast.

The End