On the Crafty Planner Podcast

Kim Werker on the Crafty Planner Podcast

I had so much fun talking with Sandi for her Crafty Planner podcast!

Sandi is a quilter, and we first met when she took my Mighty Ugly workshop at Craftcation last year. During the interview, we talked about that workshop, and also about what I wanted to be when I grew up (at various times when I was a kid), how I finally came to think of myself as a creative person after denying it for most of my life, why I’m focusing so much on the fun of creativity after going deep into the feelings of it through Mighty Ugly, the trajectory of my crochet career, and more.

Our chat is really fun, and I love how we managed to go all over the place while pretty much staying on topic. Have a listen!

“But, it’s not even how much you achieve, it’s what you achieve. Does it matter that we spend all day finishing tasks if those tasks do not significantly contribute to the realization of our company’s goals, or our personal vision? Is having a hand in every little thing more valuable than making sure that a couple of key projects are done in time and thoroughly? I would say no.”

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Daily Art Journal: Join Me for a Monthlong Adventure!

Daily Art Journal: just a few minutes every day for a month!

I had an idea last week when I was writing the Weekly Digest, and the idea was about art journaling. I’ve been wanting to really commit to giving an art journal a shot, and I don’t want to let my cluelessness about how to actually do it get in the way anymore.

I’ve heard from quite a lot of people recently about how they, too, want to give art journaling a try, but also don’t really know how or where to start. So it became really quite obvious to me that we should do this together. And what better way to do something new together than to commit to do it together every day for a month?


Of course right.

I’m starting today, along with several dozen people if the number of clicks from my newsletter is any indication. Want to join in with us? Here’s the gist:

  1. Every day for a month, spend at least a few minutes art journaling. You get to decide what that means for you – part of the fun in doing this together is that we’ll get to see all the different, hugely varied things people make in their journals!
  2. Post about it every so often. Tag your social media posts with #dailyartjournal so we can all follow along (and feel free to tag me at @kpwerker!).
  3. There is no number 3.

If you’d like to get occasional emails over the course of your month with encouragement, tips, and prompts, sign up right here.

Get started art journaling! Join in on a monthlong challenge to spend a few minutes art journaling every day!

3 Ways to Stop Fantasizing and Start Making Your Dream Project

We’ve all gotten caught up in a fantasy about making something, yeah? Maybe it’s a quilt for someone’s wedding, a fancy cake with a unicorn on top, mosaic paving stones for the garden… Whatever it is, this fantasy sits outside the realm of stuff you make and resides firmly in your imagination.

But why? Why do we spend so much time thinking about our fantasy about making the perfect hand-blown glass vase, or a sweater for our best friend’s new baby, but not actually making it?

Scratch that. Who cares about why? Let’s talk about why not.

Why not just make it? I mean, sure, yes, the projects of fantasy aren’t the simple ones you can just make in an afternoon. No. Usually they’re the ones that will require lots of learning, lots of practice, lots of trial and error. They take time.

And here’s the thing about time: it just keeps going. For every day and month we spend fantasizing, what we’re most certainly not doing is putting in the doing of that learning, practicing, trying and trying again.

Let’s change that, eh? Let’s try to take those creative fantasies and yank them into reality.

Three Simple Things to Do to Start Actually Making Your Fantasy Project

1. Do One Small Thing

Emphasis on the do part. You’ve already made a Pinterest board with pretty links. You’ve already put a dozen books on hold at the library. You’ve already started out the window for hours imagining what it’ll be like to make and then have this project. None of these things is doing the project. So start with one small step. Just one tiny act of doing. Maybe it’s washing and ironing the fabric you’ll use. Maybe it’s sketching out a design. Maybe it’s not just watching, but actually following along and doing the steps of an online tutorial. This tiny baby step will be like a giant leap over the line between fantasy and reality. The next steps will be obvious, and way easier to take.

2. Talk About It

Just talk about it. Pluck your fantasy out of the vacuum of your own mind, and toss it out into the open. I’m not talking about making some kind of outrageous public commitment to making your thing; I just mean, like, mention it casually. Saying it out loud makes it real. Far more real than keeping it to yourself. So tell your friends about your fantasy project, even just in passing. Mention it on your blog. Ask your Facebook friends if anyone’s ever made a thing like that. Saying it out loud makes it real. And making it real is the whole point.

3. Sign Up for Something

Maybe it’s a class or a craft-along or an info session at the local arts organization. Whatever it is – sign yourself up. Commit with your money or commit with your word, or both. And then, most importantly, show up. Do not bail. Do not consider this the lowest hanging fruit when life gets nuts and you need to let something go. Making your fantasy into a reality is important. Because it will make you happy. So make a commitment – a small commitment, just for one night, or for a casual craft-along where it’s no big deal if you end up behind their schedule – and then show up.

3 Ways to Stop Fantasizing and ACTUALLY MAKE your Dream Project.

Mighty Ugly for Valentine’s Day at the Chattanooga Public Library

A couple of months ago, I got a Twitter mention from the Chattanooga Public Library in Tennessee, about a Mighty Ugly workshop they were going to host for Valentine’s Day. And I nearly fell out of my chair. I mean, how perfect is that?! It’s totally perfect. So of course I told the librarian how excited I was, and I sent her a signed book to give away, and I recorded a wee video intro for the event.

Here’s the video (in which I explain why Mighty Ugly and Valentine’s Day are a perfect match, natch) and some tweets from the event that made my heart sing. (If you’re a librarian who thinks this idea is swell, or you’re just an average person like me and you’d like to ask your friendly neighbourhood librarian to host a Mighty Ugly event, check out this link with loads of info to help!)

5 Reasons to Do a Year of Making (+ Free Worksheet!)

I’m still finding my way around Periscope, and one of the things I love most about it is that people can comment as you record, so you can respond to what they say or ask. I just love it. Anyway, as I’ve been experimenting with the platform, I find I’ve been chatting with people more and more about daily making and Year of Making, so I did a scope highlighting five reasons to do a Year of Making. The video of my five reasons is below, as is the link to get the free worksheet I promised in the scope!

Scope Notes

{The app that let me embed a Periscope video here went kaput! I’ll try to dig up the original and will post it when I find it!}

5 Reasons to do a Year of Making, plus FREE project-tracker worksheet!