Enter to Win My New Crochet Class When It Launches!

Enter to win my new online class, Crochet in the Round: Basics & Beyond! At http://kimwerker.com/blog

The night I was asked to pitch a new crochet class to Craftsy, I literally dreamed it up an idea. When I woke up the next morning, the whole class was sitting there, fully formed inside my brain. I filmed the class two weeks ago, and soon it will launch. Click right here to enter to win the class!

Crochet in the Round: Basics & Beyond is a study of making circles in crochet. Which means it’s kind of a geometry lesson (we’ll totally talk about pi), and it’s entirely fun. It’s super crochet-nerdy, too. Like, you know how when you’re taught to crochet a circle, what you really end up making is some kind of straight-sided shape like a hexagon or octagon? We’ll explore that in class. And I’ll also teach you how to make a totally perfect circle, no straight edges or corners to be found.

I designed five projects for this class, all involving circles. (If you’ve followed my crochet work for a long time, you may know I usually do not enjoy designing at all. Not one bit. I’ve always preferred to work with designers rather than to be one, myself. But this class involved solving problems, and, as it turns out, solving problems is the key to my design mojo. I loved designing the projects for this class.)

Not only will you get all five patterns with your class registration, I’ll also teach you how to make them. There’s a basic hat (which, with a bit of imagination, could be made into a million different hats), a beret, a mandala, a floor pouf and a pillow.

We’ll explore finding a good rhythm when working round after round of increases, what to do if your circle starts to warp or ruffle, and what to consider when you crochet projects that will be stuffed.

As with all Craftsy classes, you’ll be able to slow down any parts of the video you want to see in more detail, you’ll be able to put sections onto a 30-second repeat so you can easily watch them again and again till you get it, and I’ll check in regularly to answer any questions you have as you go.

Click right here to enter to win the class when it launches in a few weeks!

Enter to win my new online class, Crochet in the Round: Basics & Beyond!

Win $1000 for Your Favourite Craft Charity!

Win $1,000 for your favourite craft-focused charity!

As you may know, March is National Craft Month.

As you may also know, one of the major parts of the work I do is as a crochet instructor at Craftsy. Crochet is the craft that got me onto this path toward camp-counseloring-for-grownups, and I love that Craftsy enables me to teach students from all over the world whom I’d never have a chance to encounter without the magic of their platform.

(And to be perfectly frank, my income from Craftsy allows me to do nutty spontaneous things like launch the Maker Concierge on a total whim. So I love it even more!)

This month, for National Craft Month, Craftsy is doing a very cool thing. They’re going to make a $1,000 donation to a craft-focused charity of one lucky student’s choice.

Every person who purchases a Craftsy class between now and March 13th will be entered into the draw to choose the charity.

If you’re new to the whole concept of online craft classes, here’s why I think they’re awesome (and not just as a teacher, but also as someone who loves taking online classes):

  • You get hours of high-quality video instruction you can watch at your own pace, repeat as needed, and refer back to whenever you want.
  • Yes, I most certainly mean you can work through them in your pajamas, on your comfy couch, at any time of day or night.
  • And yes, you have access to the class forever (on some platforms – Craftsy included).
  • At least on Craftsy (not all platforms include this), you also get access to the instructor – you can ask questions anytime, and the teacher will answer you. (This is the part I truly love, because though the videos are awesome, it can still be very hard to know what’s going wrong when you’re stuck on a certain technique and are pulling your hair out.)
  • Downloadable class materials complement the video instruction. In my Craftsy classes, for example, downloads include stitch patterns, diagrams, and reference materials.
  • There’s just a massive variety of classes available. Like, there’s one on the science of bread-making that I just discovered, and I think it might change my life. And there’s one on how to make a t-shirt quilt, and one on how to knit faster, and one on taking great photos with your phonecam.

Perhaps most importantly, online classes enable us to learn pretty much anything we want, even if those things aren’t taught in our own local communities or our schedules don’t allow us to easily attend in-person classes.

As someone whose major schpiel in life is encouraging people to try new creative things, online classes are like magic.

Which is all to say that if you’ve been wanting to learn some new things, signing up for a Craftsy class by March 13th would be a good time to do it, since you’ll get a chance to decide where that $1,000 donation will go. That’s a pretty cool reason to dive in right away, eh?

PS Links to Craftsy classes are affiliate links, and they all include a discounted registration just for you.

PPS I wrote about this in my last newsletter. I don’t usually duplicate newsletters here on the blog, but I want as many people as possible to hear about this event, so here we are. And you should totally get my newsletter. Just sayin’.

My Craftsy Class Queue

These are the Craftsy classes I most want to take!

I’ve been an instructor at Craftsy for almost two years now, and I absolutely love teaching there. I most love interacting with students from all over the world, pretty much every day.

Craftsy has just released its 1,000th class, and they’re celebrating by offering their most wish-listed classes at 50% off until this Thursday, 11th February (my beginner crochet class is on the list, and I’m just so excited to see it there!).

I can’t actually wrap my brain around 1,000 classes. But I can wrap my brain around how many classes I’ve queued up over the years, and not actually taken. I keep intending to work through all of them, but then like so many of the crafty things I stash, I end up not doing it. But I’m getting better about using the stuff I have in my studio, and I’m hoping my public declaration right here will get me to finally take these classes.

Here are the ones I’m most excited about that are also on the most-wish-listed list, so they’re half off for the next couple of days!

Have you taken any of these? Are you going to?

PS These are affiliate links.

Embrace the Ugly CreativeLive Class Streaming Today

Starting at around 9am Eastern today, my class Embrace the Ugly: How to Break Through What’s Holding You Back in Business is streaming for free. Free, I tell you!

Here’s what it’s about:

Embrace the Ugly: How to Break Through What’s Holding You Back in Business is all about shedding light on the stuff you don’t want to say out loud and transforming your negative thoughts into creative catalysts that benefit your business.

In this class you’ll learn about the concept of Mighty Ugly, a framework that celebrates the benefits of failure. Through interactive lessons, I’ll help you identify and embrace the ugly parts of your business – you’ll get help addressing what holds you back so you can shift the problem, and resolve it. You’ll learn tools that will help you:

  • Overcome self-doubt as an entrepreneur
  • Abolish professional perfectionism
  • Dismiss your fear of failure
  • Eliminate irksome business blocks
  • Conquer procrastination

I’ll teach you exercises that will keep you creative even as you struggle with balancing your books, promoting your work, managing social media, or whatever else holds you back.

Embrace the Ugly: How to Break Through What’s Holding You Back in Business will empower you to confront the most personally challenging aspects of being a working creative. You’ll illuminate the problems that are unique to you and learn universal skills you can use to embrace and, ultimately, overcome them.

Watch it now!

Embrace the Ugly: Break Through What's Holding You Back in Business online class at CreativeLive.com

PS These are affiliate links. Thanks for supporting my work!


Get Creative in 2016! Announcing the Daily Making Jumpstart

You know I’ve been fixated on having fun making stuff, yeah? I’m totally fixated on it. On not feeling stressed about making stuff, on not feeling defeated if a project goes south, on getting back in touch to how we felt when we were kids and we knew in our hearts that we could make anything and it would be awesome.

So I’m fully embracing my goal to be a camp counsellor for the rest of my life, and I’m launching the first in what I intend to be a wide assortment of online classes that are all about trying new kinds of things and having fun making stuff.

Daily Making Jumpstart: 14-days of tips and projects to help you start a daily creative habit. Registration is now open! http://www.camp.kimwerker.com

Introducing the Daily Making Jumpstart

First up: A 14-day guided adventure in forming an art- or craft-making habit.

There are so many great reasons to establish a daily creative practice.

  • Maybe you want to give yourself permission to experiment. To try new things or stick with the things you love most.
  • Maybe you want to connect with other people who want to explore and experiment and, above all, just make stuff.
  • Maybe you want to finish the projects you’ve got piled up in the corner.
  • Maybe you want to take that class you’ve been eyeing.
  • Maybe you don’t make anything at all yet, but you want to start.

Whether you want to take on a full year of daily making, commit yourself to 100 days, or even just use this guided adventure as a two-week trial to see how it goes, this course will help get you started. Instead of staring at a blank calendar begging to be filled with nothing short of brilliant creative acts, you’ll start with daily prompts, tips, tasks, options and directions. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Click to Register!

The Jumpstart is for any kind of making – it’s designed so you can apply the lessons to whatever you want to make, regardless of the medium, from painting to photography to crocheting to cooking.

I’ll ask you questions I wish I’d asked myself when I first committed to make something every day (two years ago, and I’ve been at it ever since!). It took me months to see the potential in what I was doing, and I don’t want you to wait that long. I’ll help you get in touch with why you make stuff, why you want to make stuff, and I’ll help you explore your whole creative experience in a way that helps you have more fun with it.

What You Get

  • Starting on January 1st, 2016 (or the day after you register if it’s after that date) you’ll receive one lesson every day for two weeks. Some will involve thinking hard about your creative experience, some will involve making particular things, all will help you establish a daily creative practice that makes you feel good, not stressed out or doomed to fail.
  • Access to the lessons and course material forever, so you can work at your own pace.
  • An invitation to the private Daily Making Jumpstart Facebook group, where you can get to know and support other people who are also starting (or continuing) a daily creative practice.
  • If you choose the + Ebook option only: A copy of the Year of Making ebook (a $12 value), for further exploration of a long-term daily project, with worksheets, links and ideas. If you don’t already have a copy of the ebook, this option will provide you with more worksheets, ideas, and food for thought.

Who Is This For?

The Daily Making Jumpstart is for you if:

  • you’re a crafter or artist and want to reinvigorate your practice by regularly dedicating time to creating.
  • you don’t consider yourself a capital-C Crafter or capital-A Artist, but you want to feel creative as a part of who you are. (It doesn’t matter if you feel like you have talent or not. It doesn’t matter if you feel like you’re totally not creative. All that matters is that you want to be and feel creative.)
  • you want to make creativity a priority in your life – even if you’re pretty sure you’ll make utterly awful stuff, but you want to have fun trying anyway.
  • you want to discover – or rediscover – the fun you can have when you make stuff.
  • you want to prioritize your creativity in a way that doesn’t stress you out or otherwise overwhelm you.

The Jumpstart is probably not for you if you have no interest in challenging yourself creativity, if you have no interest in making stuff, if you’re uninterested in having fun with art or craft, or if you’ve never wondered what it would be like to truly and properly see yourself as a creative person.

Click to Register!

By the End of the Course

  • You’ll know which aspects of your creativity you want to explore further, which skills you want to learn, which kinds of making make you feel good and which kinds make you miserable.
  • You’ll have some great strategies to rely on during times when you feel stuck or blocked or hear the siren song of procrastination or, even worse, defeat.
  • You’ll know what it feels like to meet your own personal creative challenges.
  • You’ll have a taste of the potential a long-term daily making project holds for you.

Follow the lessons every day, or spread them out over weeks or even months – it’s totally up to you. You’ll have access to the course material forever.

Right when you register, you’ll gain access to the main course page and the introduction. If you choose the Year of Making ebook option (which you should if you don’t already have a copy!), your introduction will include a link to download the book, which delves deeper into why establishing a yearlong daily making practice is a good idea, and walks you through how to do it. Read through it before January 1st, or save it till the course begins – your choice!

I hope to start 2016 adventuring with you, and having loads of fun making stuff!

Click to Register!

Daily Making Jumpstart: 14-days of tips and projects to help you start a daily creative habit. Registration is now open! http://www.camp.kimwerker.com

Time to Indulge in Treats for Yourself

‘Tis the season for ads and sales and consumerism that won’t quit. Until last year, I avoided trying to sell anything during this time of year, because I just couldn’t stomach adding my stuff to the overwhelming fray.

But when I wrote the Year of Making ebook last year, I knew I had to launch it before the start of the New Year. Because duh. And so I did. And lots of people treated themselves to it. Maybe some bought it as a gift they could open in the quiet of the after-holidays, with an eye on prioritizing their creative life in the coming year. I’d like to think that’s why many people bought it, anyway. That’s why I would have bought it.

So this year, when I knew I’d be following that ebook up with a sorta-kinda class about starting a daily making project*, which would be the first in what I intend to build into a whole host of online classes (I think of them as sessions of an online camp for grown-ups**), I knew I’d have to dive into the stream of non-stop holiday marketing once again.

Also for the other classes I teach, at Craftsy and CreativeLive.

Which is all to explain that I know this time of year is pretty much out of control with the selling. And also to explain that it’s also a very important time of year for my business – this insanity in December provides a pretty solid financial foundation for all the unknowns I have to navigate in January and February. So thanks for enduring it if this kind of thing drives you nuts, and thanks for indulging when something I’m offering strikes your fancy (even if it also drives you nuts)!

And which is also to lead up to this adorbz video Craftsy produced to promote its current huge sale on classes. If you’re like me, and like to stock up on a big pile of supplies and books and classes to work through over time, now’s the time to treat yourself to the classes part of that equation:


* See what I did there, just linking to it as if it’s no big deal? Yeah, I’m gonna tell you all about it in a day or two. But you can totally dig around at that link if you’re impatient. Go on.

** Camp! I’m really hooked on this camp thing, if you couldn’t tell. You may notice that I’ve set up the class/camp-sessions platform at camp.kimwerker.com. This is my big plan for 2016. Fun. Making. Stuff. With. You.

PS Affiliate links to Craftsy and CreativeLive make up a good chunk of my income. Thanks for supporting me and my work!