Two Most Popular Books ON SALE!

Since it’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday and all that, I’ve put my two most popular books on sale!


Now’s a great time to snag yourself (or someone you love) a signed copy of Make It Mighty Ugly. I’ll send all purchased books out next week so they should arrive by Christmas, anywhere in the world.

The Year of Making ebook is also on sale. Who needs New Year’s resolutions? There’s no time like today to work on establishing a stress-free creative habit.

Also Classes

Craftsy is also having a huge saleAll classes, including mine, are on sale for less than $18 each.

Huge Black Friday sale on craft classes (and books)!

Mighty Ugly for Valentine’s Day at the Chattanooga Public Library

A couple of months ago, I got a Twitter mention from the Chattanooga Public Library in Tennessee, about a Mighty Ugly workshop they were going to host for Valentine’s Day. And I nearly fell out of my chair. I mean, how perfect is that?! It’s totally perfect. So of course I told the librarian how excited I was, and I sent her a signed book to give away, and I recorded a wee video intro for the event.

Here’s the video (in which I explain why Mighty Ugly and Valentine’s Day are a perfect match, natch) and some tweets from the event that made my heart sing. (If you’re a librarian who thinks this idea is swell, or you’re just an average person like me and you’d like to ask your friendly neighbourhood librarian to host a Mighty Ugly event, check out this link with loads of info to help!)

5 Reasons to Do a Year of Making (+ Free Worksheet!)

I’m still finding my way around Periscope, and one of the things I love most about it is that people can comment as you record, so you can respond to what they say or ask. I just love it. Anyway, as I’ve been experimenting with the platform, I find I’ve been chatting with people more and more about daily making and Year of Making, so I did a scope highlighting five reasons to do a Year of Making. The video of my five reasons is below, as is the link to get the free worksheet I promised in the scope!

Scope Notes

{The app that let me embed a Periscope video here went kaput! I’ll try to dig up the original and will post it when I find it!}

5 Reasons to do a Year of Making, plus FREE project-tracker worksheet!

Joy and Neighbourliness and Books All Over the World

I went to the postal depot at the end of my street today, and over tea, which Sal, the owner, insisted on making me, I sent a signed copy of my book to a reader in Latvia, and another to a library in Oregon that’s in desperate need of a new roof and can’t afford it without a massive fundraiser, of which my book will play a very small part.

While I paid Sal, we chatted about the holidays, and assimilation. I didn’t realize his family is Muslim – they do such a great job of spreading holiday cheer at this time of year. Of course, “holiday cheer” is totally Christmas. So we talked about raising our non-Christian kids (and grandkids, in his case), and how they love Santa and singing Christmas songs at school, and sharing their own identity and practices with their friends, and how we all love seeing family at this time of year because most of our relatives are off work. I realized last week that of course my Christmas-birthday kid will never have to work on his birthday (unless he decides to become a doctor or nurse, or do some other kind of work that non-Christmas-celebrators do on Christmas so Christmas celebrators can celebrate). What a gift.

Sal handed me some biscotti to go with my tea. We wished each other well, and I left with a smile and a wave.

What a lovely errand to run this morning.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday Special Sales!

First, a bit of news about the online not-really-a-class I’ve been cooking up: I’m going to have it ready before Christmas, to launch at New Year’s. It’ll be for you if you’re wanting to try out a daily project or establish a daily art/craft/making practice, or if you’re already into a daily thing but want to have a bit of an adventure. It will be fun. It will be low-maintenance. And it will be fun. Yes, fun times two! Stay tuned!

Now, for those sales.

  1. From now till December 4th, take 15% off all orders over $5 in my online shop, using code VANQUISH15. There aren’t many items in my online shop, but this is a great time to pick up a signed copy of Make It Mighty Ugly (shipping is now way less expensive, too!) or the Year of Making ebook at a sweet discount.
  2. Craftsy’s having their biggest sale of the year – all classes are $19.99 or less! – so it’s a great time to score yourself (or your loved ones or your crafty acquaintances from work) Crochet: Basics & Beyond and Next Steps in Crochet, or a dozen of any other amazing classes (they have hundreds!).
  3. CreativeLive is also having a huge sale on classes, including mine – Embrace the Ugly: How to Break Through What’s Holding You Back in Business.

Go! Shop! Make stuff! Enjoy your loved ones!

Buy a personalized signed copy of Make It Mighty Ugly.

PS Affiliate links to Craftsy and CreativeLive classes. Makin’ a living and all that.

Get Signed Books (with WAY Lower Shipping)!

Get a personalized signed copy of Make It Mighty Ugly in time for the holidays!


You guys, I finally did some serious number crunching with B.J., who owns my local shipping depot. She’s the best, and she has the patience of a saint. And because of her patience, I’ve been able to dramatically lower my shipping rates both within Canada and to the U.S. (and even abroad). Dramatically.

So I hope you’ll indulge yourself with a personalized signed copy of Make It Mighty Ugly, or send one to a friend or two for ye olde holidays that are coming up. Because as of today, it costs less than $5 to ship within Canada and just $7 per book to ship to the U.S.*


For the Black Friday and the Cyber Monday and all that, use code VANQUISH15 for 15% off all orders over $5, through December 4th!

* Dearest Americans: You will be delighted to know that because I live in Canada, prices are listed in Canadian dollars. The exchange rate right now is dramatically in your favour, which means that the book, though priced the same in the U.S., will cost you less.