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If you already own a copy of Make It Mighty Ugly and you’d like to have that copy signed by me, but you don’t live in Vancouver and you loathe the idea of flying all the way out here to “bump into me” at the grocery store to ask, no worries! I can sign this handy bookplate (it’s a sticker!) and send it to you, and you can stick it right in your book. No awkward stalking required.

Note: See Product Description below for important shipping info.

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Exact name as I should write it on the bookplate (e.g., “Melissa”, “Aunt Rose”, “The best 4th-grade teacher ever, Ms. Rothberg”).

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Note on shipping: This physical product is listed as a virtual product because it weighs next to nothing and I can’t figure out how to make that work properly with the shipping program I’m using. SO, the $2 price tag includes shipping, no matter where you live. Rest assured that though you’ll check out for a virtual product, you will, indeed, receive an actual piece of mail that contains a signed bookplate! And if for some reason you’re ordering a bookplate and a book, please shoot me an email and I’ll refund the price of the bookplate, since there’s no reason you should pay to ship it to you when it won’t add any shipping on top of what it costs to send you the book. This is complicated. I apologize for passing some of the complication on to you!

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