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The night I was asked to pitch a new crochet class to Craftsy, I literally dreamed it up an idea. When I woke up the next morning, the whole class was sitting there, fully formed inside my brain. I filmed the class two weeks ago, and soon it will launch. Click right here to enter to win the class!

Crochet in the Round: Basics & Beyond is a study of making circles in crochet. Which means it’s kind of a geometry lesson (we’ll totally talk about pi), and it’s entirely fun. It’s super crochet-nerdy, too. Like, you know how when you’re taught to crochet a circle, what you really end up making is some kind of straight-sided shape like a hexagon or octagon? We’ll explore that in class. And I’ll also teach you how to make a totally perfect circle, no straight edges or corners to be found.

I designed five projects for this class, all involving circles. (If you’ve followed my crochet work for a long time, you may know I usually do not enjoy designing at all. Not one bit. I’ve always preferred to work with designers rather than to be one, myself. But this class involved solving problems, and, as it turns out, solving problems is the key to my design mojo. I loved designing the projects for this class.)

Not only will you get all five patterns with your class registration, I’ll also teach you how to make them. There’s a basic hat (which, with a bit of imagination, could be made into a million different hats), a beret, a mandala, a floor pouf and a pillow.

We’ll explore finding a good rhythm when working round after round of increases, what to do if your circle starts to warp or ruffle, and what to consider when you crochet projects that will be stuffed.

As with all Craftsy classes, you’ll be able to slow down any parts of the video you want to see in more detail, you’ll be able to put sections onto a 30-second repeat so you can easily watch them again and again till you get it, and I’ll check in regularly to answer any questions you have as you go.

Click right here to enter to win the class when it launches in a few weeks!

Enter to win my new online class, Crochet in the Round: Basics & Beyond!