Crocheted crescent-shaped shawl made with scrap yarn.

My favourite kinds of projects, no matter the medium, are ones made from scraps. I just love saving perfectly good materials from the landfill, and creating something useful (and maybe sometimes beautiful) from them. (Ok, I also love making truly hideous things from scraps, obviously.)

So whenever I finish a yarn project and I have more than a tiny bit of yarn leftover, I keep it. Then every so often, I feel overcome by a need to make something up on the fly, and I turn to the pile of scraps.

This time around, I got it in my head to crochet a trapezoidal shawl.

Eventually, though, the yarns told me they didn’t want to be a stupid trapezoid, they wanted to be a half-circle. As it happens, I’ve had crocheted circles on the brain for a totally different project (more on that in a couple of months), so maybe it was that. Or maybe yarn really does speak, and it’s our job to just shut up and listen.

Crocheted crescent-shaped shawl made with scrap yarn.

Featured in the shawl so far are leftovers from three knitted shawls I loved making, the wedding shawl I crocheted for a friend, and a few random balls I had lying around from projects that never actually got off the ground.

I’d never ordinarily seek to put all these colours and varieties of yarn together in a project, which is another reason I love making things from scraps – the constraint of only using what I have on hand forces me to see possibilities I’d otherwise overlook.

Crocheted crescent-shaped shawl made with scrap yarn.


I’m excited to see where this project goes! It won’t be much longer before I’ll be deciding which colour will go last, and whether I should put an edging on it.

What do you think I should do?


Shawl from Yarn Scraps