‘Tis the season for ads and sales and consumerism that won’t quit. Until last year, I avoided trying to sell anything during this time of year, because I just couldn’t stomach adding my stuff to the overwhelming fray.

But when I wrote the Year of Making ebook last year, I knew I had to launch it before the start of the New Year. Because duh. And so I did. And lots of people treated themselves to it. Maybe some bought it as a gift they could open in the quiet of the after-holidays, with an eye on prioritizing their creative life in the coming year. I’d like to think that’s why many people bought it, anyway. That’s why I would have bought it.

So this year, when I knew I’d be following that ebook up with a sorta-kinda class about starting a daily making project*, which would be the first in what I intend to build into a whole host of online classes (I think of them as sessions of an online camp for grown-ups**), I knew I’d have to dive into the stream of non-stop holiday marketing once again.

Also for the other classes I teach, at Craftsy and CreativeLive.

Which is all to explain that I know this time of year is pretty much out of control with the selling. And also to explain that it’s also a very important time of year for my business – this insanity in December provides a pretty solid financial foundation for all the unknowns I have to navigate in January and February. So thanks for enduring it if this kind of thing drives you nuts, and thanks for indulging when something I’m offering strikes your fancy (even if it also drives you nuts)!

And which is also to lead up to this adorbz video Craftsy produced to promote its current huge sale on classes. If you’re like me, and like to stock up on a big pile of supplies and books and classes to work through over time, now’s the time to treat yourself to the classes part of that equation:


* See what I did there, just linking to it as if it’s no big deal? Yeah, I’m gonna tell you all about it in a day or two. But you can totally dig around at that link if you’re impatient. Go on.

** Camp! I’m really hooked on this camp thing, if you couldn’t tell. You may notice that I’ve set up the class/camp-sessions platform at camp.kimwerker.com. This is my big plan for 2016. Fun. Making. Stuff. With. You.

PS Affiliate links to Craftsy and CreativeLive make up a good chunk of my income. Thanks for supporting me and my work!