First, a bit of news about the online not-really-a-class I’ve been cooking up: I’m going to have it ready before Christmas, to launch at New Year’s. It’ll be for you if you’re wanting to try out a daily project or establish a daily art/craft/making practice, or if you’re already into a daily thing but want to have a bit of an adventure. It will be fun. It will be low-maintenance. And it will be fun. Yes, fun times two! Stay tuned!

Now, for those sales.

  1. From now till December 4th, take 15% off all orders over $5 in my online shop, using code VANQUISH15. There aren’t many items in my online shop, but this is a great time to pick up a signed copy of Make It Mighty Ugly (shipping is now way less expensive, too!) or the Year of Making ebook at a sweet discount.
  2. Craftsy’s having their biggest sale of the year – all classes are $19.99 or less! – so it’s a great time to score yourself (or your loved ones or your crafty acquaintances from work) Crochet: Basics & Beyond and Next Steps in Crochet, or a dozen of any other amazing classes (they have hundreds!).
  3. CreativeLive is also having a huge sale on classes, including mine – Embrace the Ugly: How to Break Through What’s Holding You Back in Business.

Go! Shop! Make stuff! Enjoy your loved ones!

Buy a personalized signed copy of Make It Mighty Ugly.

PS Affiliate links to Craftsy and CreativeLive classes. Makin’ a living and all that.