Get a personalized signed copy of Make It Mighty Ugly in time for the holidays!


You guys, I finally did some serious number crunching with B.J., who owns my local shipping depot. She’s the best, and she has the patience of a saint. And because of her patience, I’ve been able to dramatically lower my shipping rates both within Canada and to the U.S. (and even abroad). Dramatically.

So I hope you’ll indulge yourself with a personalized signed copy of Make It Mighty Ugly, or send one to a friend or two for ye olde holidays that are coming up. Because as of today, it costs less than $5 to ship within Canada and just $7 per book to ship to the U.S.*


For the Black Friday and the Cyber Monday and all that, use code VANQUISH15 for 15% off all orders over $5, through December 4th!

* Dearest Americans: You will be delighted to know that because I live in Canada, prices are listed in Canadian dollars. The exchange rate right now is dramatically in your favour, which means that the book, though priced the same in the U.S., will cost you less.