image for 2015 Reader Survey

With the start of the school year fast approaching (my boy will start kindergarten in two weeks!), my entire work routine is changing. I’ll only have about five contiguous working hours a day instead of eight. Yowza.

Now that I’m done spending several months freaking out about this, I’ve decided to use the dramatic change as an opportunity to get real in a variety of ways. I’ll need to be far more efficient with my time. I’ll need to be very confident the work I’m doing will generate income, because I’m losing the luxury to mess around and see if the mess turns into anything.

There’s only so much I can do within the vacuum of my mind, though, so I’m hoping you’ll help by telling me what you value most in my work, and how you most want to hear from me. I wrote up a survey, which should only take you a couple of minutes to answer. I want to be sure I’m creating work you want, and that I’m telling you about it effectively and in ways you enjoy. It is, after all, all about the fun.

Thank you so much, in advance! I’m very much looking forward to this upping of my game. I hope you are, too!

Take me to the survey!

PS For real, thank you. So pervasive was my months-long obsession with this impending change that it didn’t occur to me till last week to, like, just ask you. <3