CreativeLive classes are on sale till July 27th!

Kids, CreativeLive is having a huge sale on classes, and Embrace the Ugly is 30% off till July 27th! That’s just $27 for some serious slayage of creative demons.

The class was filmed live back in February, with students in the studio and participating via chat. We went deep, friends. Very deep. If you’ve been procrastinating about addressing your creative demons, this is a good, safe class for biting the bullet and just doing it.

A behind-the-scenes note about this class: My goal with Mighty Ugly from the very beginning has been to encourage everyone in the world to play with making stuff, to try new things, and to have fun doing it. Make It Mighty Ugly is kind of a marriage between doing exactly that and also addressing the underlying issues that keep us from doing that. My CreativeLive class is almost entirely about the underlying issues, and it’s unlikely that I’ll do anything – workshops or writing – that delves quite that deep into the emotional depths again. Certainly, my focus right now is on getting back to the fun.