Craftsy March Sale Image

March is all about making, and Craftsy’s put all their classes on sale through Monday, March 16th. My beginner crochet class is included, of course!

(I’m currently hard at work preparing to film a follow-up class at Craftsy next week, so now would be a great time to learn to crochet if you don’t know how already. This way you’ll be all set for the new class when it comes out in a few months. Huzzah.)

yearofmaking-ebook-sidebarWhile we’re at it, a month that’s all about making seems like a good time to start a year of making, so I’ve put the Year of Making ebook on sale for just $8 for the rest of March. There’s no bad time to declare Day One of 365 days of making, but this especially crafty month would be a great time.

March! It’s such a fabulous month. I hope you’re enjoying it!