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One week from today, my free, online CreativeLive class will be over. Trippy.

If you run a small business – especially if you, yourself, comprise the entire staff of your business – this class is for you. The whole goal is to spend the day working through what’s holding you back. (Even if you’re in a great place and you feel confident and successful, there’s still that thing in the back of your mind that nags at you. And if you’re actually feeling more like you’re exhausted from constantly treading water, or you’re in a rut, or you have a fabulous idea about starting a business but you can’t quite take that first step, that thing in the back of your mind probably feels more like it’s in the middle of it, throwing a non-stop tantrum.) That’s the thing we’re going to grapple with in this full-day class.

And it’s free, online, next Tuesday, February 10th, from 9am-4pm Pacific time.

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Over the course of the day, there will be crafting. There will be sharing. There will be great conversation with people just like you from all over. There will be worksheets. There will be writing. There will be list-making. And at the end of the day, you’ll know what to do next. It’ll be different for you than it will be for other people, which is exactly as it should be when it comes to addressing that nagging thing.

If you can’t make it Tuesday, or you can’t make it for the whole day, you can purchase on-demand access for just $29.

And hey, if you can be in Seattle on Tuesday, there are still a few seats left for the in-studio class! Apply here (before Thursday)!