image of signed copy of Make It Mighty Ugly

This is the only signed copy I have a picture of. Remember that bear I once crocheted, and I couldn’t make it look like a bear, and then my friend Scott told me how to fix it so I named the bear after him? This is his copy.

I’m home! I have so much to tell you about the book tour! Many ideas, many wonderful people, much love and creativity and making.

But first! I returned home with this idea that there’s enough time before the holidays that it wouldn’t be utterly impossible to try to offer signed copies of Make It Mighty Ugly for sale in time to treat yourself or some friends or loved ones.

Naturally, I’ll only do this if enough people actually want signed copies. So please fill out this very brief survey! It’ll take about a minute, and it’ll allow me to gauge whether I’m just having a bout of extremely over-inflated ego, or am onto something you’ll really enjoy. (If you’re of the opinion that this is a fabulous idea, please urge your friends and strangers to back you up, because it’ll take me some time and money to make this happen, and though I’m eager to put all that in, I’d prefer to avoid it if it actually won’t be worth it.)

I’ll sell the books at list price of $18.95 in the U.S. and Canada, plus worldwide shipping (from Canada). I can’t guarantee delivery by the end of December, but I will work hard to make that happen.

Ok, so please take a few seconds to fill out the survey so I know if I should set all this up! And if there’s something else you think would be a good idea instead (or in addition), there’s an option in there for you to share liberally.

Thank you, dear readers!