Last spring, many of my favourite crafty pals raved about a conference in California called Craftcation. Somehow I ended up tweeting with the lovely women who put on the event, and I did a happy dance when they told me they’d love to have me teach at the conference this year. Well, this year is now!

The event is geared toward crafty businesspeople at any stage of business, from the idea stage to the well-established stage, and in addition to business-focused classes there are loads of crafty classes, too.

From April 3-6, come to Craftcation! Early-bird pricing is in effect for two more days!

I’ll be teaching two classes: one Mighty Ugly workshop, and one I’ve been dying to teach again since I developed it for Hello Etsy a couple of years ago – Embracing the Ugly Side of Your Business.

I’ve already started thinking about what I’ll wear. Southern California!