Kids, I’ve had a super idea living in my brain for years. Like, six years or something. I know in the marrow of my bones it’s a super idea.

It’s for a webcomic related to crafts. And the apocalypse. And that’s all I’m gonna say about it for now, because this idea is so deeply entrenched in my brain that I’m overprotective of it.

UNLESS. Unless you are an experienced, skilled comic artist who has a simple, straightforward style that’s suited to creating panels mostly in black-and-white (with some colour and/or maybe even mixed media). And if you also have a wicked sense of humour that leans toward the odd, dark, and quirky, and you’re game to get involved in a collaboration that involves no cash at the beginning but great potential for cash once we get going, I want to hear from you. To you, I will tell more things. (Email me, is what I’m saying.)

Bonus points if you have experience preparing your artwork both for web and print, and if you’re familiar with the world of digital publishing and e-commerce.

I see this as a straight-up partnership. I am not looking to hire an artist, but rather to collaborate on a joint project that will be fun, challenging, creatively satisfying, and will involve a heckuva lot of experimentation, learning and, hopefully, audience engagement. I will be the writer and executor of this plan I’m being secretive about; you will be the artist. Together we will flesh out this idea I’ve been cooking for so long, and it will become ours, not just mine with a hint of yours.

So why should you consider this when I’ve just said I’m not looking to hire you and I can’t promise success? Because you like to have fun, and it’s maybe been a while since you’ve worked on a project purely for the enjoyment of it and the thrill of not knowing where it will go. Because maybe your work-work could do with a side dish of unfettered playing and imagination. Because you find me witty and trust that even if I can’t promise you riches or success, you think you’ll enjoy teaming up. Because you enjoy collaborating, and creating something that’s more magical than the sum of its parts.

This comic is a side project, for sure, but it’s one that I intend to pursue doggedly and enthusiastically, and that I’m convinced has the potential to turn into a revenue-generating venture (whether on the order of cents or dollars, well, we’ll just have to see).

What do you think? If you think I’m looking specifically for you, shoot me that email and tell me why, and please include links to your comics!