logoNext Tuesday evening, I’ll be the first speaker in a new series at Hot Art Wet City, a newish gallery here in Vancouver. At the time I write this there are only nine free tickets remaining, so now’s the time to make a date to see me next week! (The gallery says they’ll also be releasing some tickets at the door.)

The title of my talk is Sometimes It Ain’t Pretty: How the Painful Parts of Creativity Can Be Our Strongest Assets. Join us from 6:30-8pm next Tuesday, May 21st.

The gist: No amount of you-can-do-it cheerleading can prepare us for the inevitable pitfalls inherent to creative exploration. We’re going to struggle, we’re going to stumble, we’re going to fall flat on our face. The thing is, everyone does. So rather than avoiding failure at all costs, I say we allow – or even force – ourselves to dig deep into it for a while. From an intimate understanding of our relationship with failure we can become stronger, more flexible, less afraid, and more adventurous.

Will I see you there? Show of hands!