A few months ago, when Instagram did an epically terrible job talking to users about changes to their terms of use at the very same time Flickr released their amazing iPhone app, I ditched Instagram in favour of my long-favourite photo service.

Then today, for no reason at all, I woke up and was all, “I miss Instagram.” Which, weird. I hadn’t given it a thought in months.

Then Diane told me that what I’m really missing are photos of her cat.

So I’m back on there – kpwerker is my name. Chat with me through hipster-filtered square-format pics, eh?

The first one I posted upon my return is this one, of a Honey Cowl I’m knitting out of some unlabeled hand-painted yarn samples I’ve had for years, which I joined into a magic ball.

What kinds of crafts do you post on Instagram? Tell me in the comments with your username!

Oh hai, Instagram! It's been a few months. I'm knitting this cowl. How ARE you? #knitting #nofilter #honeycowl #magicball