My books at the Interweave Hurt Book SaleBeing physical products, and all, sometimes books get hurt in transit or in the warehouse. They get bent or scratched, and then people discard them from amongst all the shiny, unblemished books on the shelf at the bookstore. But we love things that wear signs of a life lived, right? Of course we do.

Every year, Interweave puts the books they can’t sell all shiny and perfect on book- and yarn-store shelves on sale through their website, at a sweet discount. It’s the Hurt Book Sale. And it’s on now, so here’s your chance to score some inexpensive books, and to give these imperfect tomes a good home.

And oh, look, my two Interweave books are part of the party, too[1. Some ebooks are part of the sale, too! So if you want instant gratification and no physical blemishes, well, yay!]. If you give a copy of Crochet Me or Crocheted Gifts a good home, let me know, eh? I think of them as my underdog copies, and I always want to know my underdogs are doing well.