Have I mentioned that I’m getting back into Mighty Ugly? Since I’m back to, you know, fairly full cognitive functioning now that Owen’s almost six months old, I’m back to thinking a lot more about my favourite project.

Something that excites me very much is that Mighty Ugly will be at one of Portland’s Etsy Craft Parties later today. I won’t be there, but the fabulous Rachel of Bike Cozy will be facilitating the workshops at the Museum of Contemporary Craft from 4-6pm. She asked me to make a little video introducing the project, and here it is for your viewing pleasure. (From the homepage, please click through to the post to see the video.)

[tubepress video=”2JzTj7lBItE”]

I’ll be doing Mighty Ugly workshops each morning of Vancouver Mini Maker Faire from 10am-1pm. I’ll also be speaking about it at MF, at a time TBD. And I have a workshop scheduled at Plush on Main here in Vancouver on 23rd July. Yay, UGLY!