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In my imagination, this videoblog would involve animated illustrations of how Flattr works. Or at least line drawings that move. Or at least line drawings. Alas, the universe was having none of it on my recording day, so you get me and words. No worry, I’ve included Flattr’s own video at the end of the post so you can see their version of how it works, with cake.

Show notes:

  1. Naturally: Flattr’s website.
  2. I failed to mention this in the video: Flattr is only as powerful as the size of the community that uses it. This is key. If you’re reluctant to put Flattr on your site because you’ve never seen it before and so you get the impression nobody uses it, start using it. The more of us that do, the more of us there will be to support and be supported by.
  3. I’m specifically addressing crafts and creativity bloggers, but the exact same thing goes for book bloggers and bloggers who write about absolutely ANYTHING.
  4. In the year I’ve been using Flattr, I’ve earned €54.19 (about $73.98 CAD or $77.03 USD). That’s not very much, but not many people in my blogging community are using Flattr yet. Anyway, compared to nothing, it’s something. In my most profitable month I earned €16.24.
  5. You can see a Flattr button at the end of this post, and there’s also one in my sidebar. (The button on a post is specific to that post; the button in the sidebar is in general for my site.)
  6. I just discovered a nifty new feature! When you click a Flattr button, the text on it changes to say “subscribe”. You can then click that button to automatically Flattr that piece of content for three, six or twelve months. What a cool way to easily support the blogs you enjoy!
  7. Flattr also just began allowing people to Flattr Twitter users even if those users don’t yet use Flattr. (Payments won’t be doled out unless/until the Twitterer starts using Flattr.)
  8. Sister Diane blogged last week about how she supported free content in April. (And it’s not just relevant because she flattred me, though I do send her a ginormous hi-five for that.)

Here’s Flattr’s video:

[tubepress video=”kwvExIWf_Uc”]


Questions about this? Fire away. I’d also love to hear from you if you’re reluctant to use Flattr on your site.

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