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However tempted I may be to toss this video in the bin and redo it – on account of my flighty rambling, my too-many ums, and my terrible editing – I’m keeping the promise I made to myself when I started videoblogging months ago: I will do it in one take, I will not be a perfectionist, I will edit quickly and I will upload without looking back. Also, I’m tempted to take up Megan on her Crafting an MBA video challenge.

Indulge me for a listen, eh? There’s nothing particularly interesting in the visuals (next time! I promise!), so you can play this in the background of doing something else. I’d appreciate it, because what’s in there is important to me.

Namely, I’m starting to get back to work. Properly. I’ll be working about two days a week, and that means I’m looking for work. Namely, I’m looking for contracts that are exciting and interesting and fun to do. Mainly editing and writing, but if you’re wanting my help with something else, and it’s exciting and interesting and fun, I definitely want to hear from you.

Show notes:

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