Handmade MarketplaceOn Thursday I’m going where few people who don’t live in New York City get the chance to go. Dude. I’m going to Etsy!

Kari Chapin, author of the fantastic crafts business book The Handmade Marketplace, has organized a wee panel discussion for the Etsy Speaker Series. I’ll be joining her, Jennifer Judd-McGee, Betsy Cross and Liz Smith (we’re all part of the collective Kari interviewed for her book) to talk about selling crafts locally, globally and online.

As Kari mentions in the book, we met each other on Twitter, and I’m beside myself with excitement to meet her in person. And I’m psyched to meet the other panel members, too. And, frankly, I’m stupid excited to see Etsy. As several of my non-crafter-but-crafts-buyer friends have asked: Yes, there is a physical Etsy HQ. The panel will be a live event there (if you’re in NYC, you can sign up for free here). If you aren’t in NYC or you can’t make the event in person, you can catch it live in the Etsy Virtual Labs. I’m not sure if they’ll record the panel for non-live viewing, so watch it live if you can! (Note: The panel starts at 7pm Eastern time.)

Got questions or topics you want me to keep in mind when I get there? Fire away in the comments.

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