Sometime in August, just when you’ll begin to realize summer is almost over and the alternating panic and melancholy will start to set in, Crocheted Gifts will hit shelves to remind you that fall ain’t so bad after all.

The designs in this book are as lovely and clever as the designers who made them, and I hope you find at least a few things you’ll want for yourself in addition to the ones you’ll want to make for the people you love. The blanket on the cover is by Doris Chan, and it makes me so, so happy. Other designers featured include Kathy Merrick (whose own book is also coming out this fall), Karen Drouin, Kristin Omdahl, Katie Himmelberg, Donna Hulka, Chloe Nightingale, Jennifer Hagan, Lisa Naskrent, Annie Modesitt, Robyn Chachula, Christina Potter, Jill Wright, Sandi Wiseheart, Toni Rexroat, Myra Wood, Megan Granholm, Erica Alexander, and Julie Holetz (who also did the tech editing).

I think it would be great fun to support the indie booksellers and local yarn stores we sometimes take for granted, don’t you? If you’re an online shopper, pre-order a copy at or add it to your wishlist over there. Let’s make someone at the great Portland indie scratch her head at the onslaught of interest in a crafts book. As an added bonus, a copy will arrive at your door long after you’ve forgotten you bought one. There’s nothing like surprising yourself.

If you’re an in-person shopper, get thee to your local bookseller or yarn store and let the owner or manager know you’ll want to buy a copy when the book comes out. Not only will this help others find the book when they see it displayed in the store, it’ll also result in you having a conversation with the most-certainly awesome and friendly people who create the shops you love so much.

Got questions about the book? Fire away!

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