Kids, I’m making pastrami.

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Have I mentioned how much fun Brett, Corey and I have working on The Holocene? So much fun. Like, we’re hosting a pastrami-along. In the vein of a knit- or crochet-along, we’re following Corey’s instructions and recipe for making bourbon-smoked pastrami, and the project starts today. I’ve never done anything remotely like this, and I’m very excited to give it a shot. This afternoon, I stopped by the butcher to buy a brisket, which is now sitting in my fridge. This evening I’ll make the brine for it, to start corning the beef. Want to cure meat with us?...

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The Holocene didn’t win. But that’s okay!

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The Tools of Change for Publishing Startup Showcase final competition was yesterday afternoon. My business partners spent a fevered ninety minutes talking to a non-stop stream of curious people who wanted to know what The Holocene is all about. At the end of the session, the judges picked two winners and the audience picked one, and we weren’t among them. And we’re totally cool with that. Holy smokes, how much we benefitted from this experience. How much work we got done. How much fun we had. How much we learned. I wrote more about it on our new company blog, if you’re...

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The Holocene made it to the TOC Startup Showcase Finals!

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Over 1700 people rated the twenty semi-finalists last week, and after the judges weighed in, we made the cut! Corey, Brett and I were in a Google Hangout meeting yesterday when we got the news, and there were jazz hands all around. Sadly, I can’t be in New York for the conference in mid-February. But Corey and Brett will be there to tell everyone about our magazine and our plans, and I’ll be here at home cheering them on and hoping we’re named one of the three winners. Thank you so very much for your support! I’ll share more about our adventure as we live it, for...

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Eyeballs as Portals to the Soul, not Sellable Objects

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As you might imagine if you read my last post, this week has been the week of The Holocene. Holy smokes, what an incredible week so far. And I just read an article that is the perfect complement to my week. Writer Rebecca Skloot tweeted a link to an interview the Guardian did with Maria Popova, the editor of Brain Pickings. Many of the points Maria made are related to my reasons for wanting to create The Holocene with Corey and Brett. Like her response to a question about why she doesn’t run ads on her wildly popular website: There’s a really beautiful letter that a newspaper...

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